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Some see me as an adventurous soul, unafraid to dive hands-first into matter: whether it be the earth and its fruits for preparation, or the body and its flesh for unraveling. I transitioned from the fields to the kitchens before delving into body care. I find it fascinating to nurture life and to see its potential unfold. This is why I have made it my life’s work.
Numerous travels and various work experiences naturally led me onto the path of well-being. After over 15 years of working in this field and training, it's finally massage therapy that becomes the art which has allowed me to unite what I love most while permitting me to offer the best of myself.  
Moving courageously along one's path while being guided by instinct is what defines me well.

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Respect, attentiveness and empathy are the cornerstones of my practice. I offer lively, intuitive care that takes the whole person into consideration. I believe that the body is linked to the mind, but above all to the heart. It is with this philosophy that I welcome you into a space designed for you, mindful of what requires attention in the present moment. An invitation to settle within yourself and thus access the resources that support your vitality.

à propos de Geneviève Tremblay massothérapeute, massage therapist, Mont-Tremblant
Geneviève Tremblay massothérapeute, massage therapist, Mont-Tremblant


Lomi Lomi Nui massage level 2, IFMQ, 2024 (22,5 hrs)

Abhyanga massage, CFP de Lachine, 2024 (30 hrs)

Shiatsu and emotional dependence, Zen Shiatsu Québec, 2023 (15 hrs)

Myofascialogy level 1, CMKQ, 2023 (20 hrs)

Indian Abhyanga massage, Annik Baillargeon, 2023 (35 hrs)

Indian exfoliating massage Udvarthana, Annik Baillargeon, 2023 (14 hrs)

The deep front line, Anatomy trains, 2022 (14 hrs)

Specific shoulder massage, CFMAG, 2022 (15 hrs)

Myofascial decompression with therapeutic cupping, IFMQ, 2021 (14 hrs)

Periarticular technique, Kiné Concept, 2021 (15 hrs)

Prenatal massage, École À fleur de peau, 2020 (15 hrs)

Shiatsu table massage, Massotech, 2020 (30 hrs)

Shiro Abhyanga Indian head massage, Annik Baillargeon, 2020 (14 hrs)

Deep-tissue massage, Massotech, 2019 (35 hrs)

Lomi Lomi Nui massage, École Équilibre et détente inc., 2019 (40 hrs)

Lomi-atsu massage, Centre l'Attitude, 2018 (60 hrs)

Shiatsu Chair massage, Guijek, 2018 (30 hrs)

Shiatsu Massage, Guijek, 2017-2018 (495 hrs)

Energy System Restructuring MC superior technique 1, 2019 (15 hrs)

Energy System Restructuring MC advanced technique, 2017 (45 hrs)

Energetic System Mastery Training, École de l'A.M.E. inc, 2016-2017 (1020 hrs)

Herbalism and manufacturing training, Académie Herboliste, 2014-2015 (1000 hrs)

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